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My name is 0L!V!A and I like bright colours.
I'm 15 and I'm a chillaxer. grr. The purpose of this site is to share my feelings, my life, my art, my memories, and everyday moments with you.
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Happy Birthday Yong Hwa Oppa
DATE:Tuesday, June 22, 2010
TIME:{4:19 PM}

Picture of The Day

Aish, I have so much to do and so little time to do it. I have 11 tasks I need to tend to, I have to add shopping, packing, and trying to figure out how I'm taking posters with and which posters I'm going to take with me. Gosh, I'm going to take my Big Bang posters with me this summer so I can cheer myself up somehow.

If you are wondering why I'm so "stressed" now, well, it's because I'm going back to school Monday. Sheesh. I don't want to go but then I do but then I don't but then... you get the picture. My husband Geun Suk is going to continue to promote A.N Jell and You're Beautiful. As of what's new with him, haha you'll have to wait and see! 

Anywhom, I'm going to tell you a really quick and short story.
22 years ago, a beautiful baby boy was born in Yeoksam-dong South Korea
on this day, June 22nd. After so many years of being in love with
music, he made his way to debuting as the leader, rapper, and singer
in the group C.N Blue (Code Name Blue) being the great person
he is, he also starred in You're Beautiful beside my husband Jang Geun Suk.
Who must that beautiful baby boy that was born 22 years ago be?
He goes by the name of Jung Yong Hwa,
so today is going to be named the Official Jung Yong Hwa day in jang olivia utopia.
saengil chukha hamnida (생일축하합니다) Yong Hwa oppa, may you have
the best and most special birthday, this being your first birthday as 
Leader Of C.N. Blue. Please continue to be the wonderful person you already are.
Happy Birthday one last time.

So now that we have that done and over with, I'm going to conclude this post with,
I posted up a prologue to my story Celest, It'd be great if you read it! You can leave any messages and or comments in the C-Box, just click on Seung Ri up there ;] ( thank you Seungri oppa!) anywho, here's the link

Happy Readings!,
jang olivia

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Celest - Our Shining Star
TIME:{3:41 PM}






The fans' screams were paralyzing, the wonderful noise of final success, the great feeling we all got. Celestial was finally getting bigger and our Stars were the reason
"Thank You Stars! Celest thanks you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank You so much" I said before taking a bow. Our fifth concert. The feeling that was so great was being obtained from all these screaming girls.
"Jang Geun Suk, Dong Tae Yang, Jung Yong Hwa, Choi Seung Hyun, C-E-L-E-S-T! Starr!!!" the fans chanted. As we entered backstage into our dressing room, Tae Yang flopped onto the couch, Seung Hyun sat down beside him, Yong Hwa sat in his dressing room chair and I sat in front of the mirror next to Yong Hwa
"Whaaa~, do you hear that? They're still going at it" Tae Yang smiled. His eyes growing smaller.
"You Guys did-" President Jang walked in and stopped as soon as he seen the room
"Aish, you could at least help keep up around here" he said throwing trash into the bin. Seung Hyun laughed
"President Jang, what were you going to say?" Seung Hyun scoot his self over, forcing Tae Yang into a sitting position.
"You guys did great and I think as a gift I'm going to get you a maid or a care taker" President Jang still throwing trash into the bin looked at me
"You're the cleanest one, why does the dressing room always look like this after performances?" he asked me. I shrugged
"We're too tired to clean and besides, we're the stars here" I replied shutting my eyes and throwing my head back, President Jang scoffed
"Well, she's a certain gift" he mumbled to himself.

The next night after our performance on Inkigayo, I walked into a spotless dressing room. My lips pursed and I walked in suspicious. President Jang was in here all 5 minutes cleaning? nooo, he couldn't ha-

"Hello" a girl bowed in front of me. I stared at her as the other three members came in walking into one another which lead to walking into me. All of us lined up stared at her
"Hi, I'm Celest but you can call me Tae Sun, I'll be your caretaker" she smiled
"Celest? is this some kind of joke?" I asked crossing my arms
"No, my name is actually Celest" she replied
"Huh, it's like she was sent from heaven or something, like she was meant to clean for us" Seung Hyun laughed
"Hi, I'm Tae Yang" he shoved his hand out from behind me
"Hi" she replied. Everyone did introductions. Everyone but me. Who said we needed a caretaker? What are we 60?
Who knew cleaning could actually help you fall in love?

hope you liked it!

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Without Words You Made Me Know Love
DATE:Wednesday, June 16, 2010
TIME:{5:14 PM}

Picture Of The Day~

Without words, Jang Geun Suk made me know Love as if I didn't see it, as if I couldn't see it. He made me know Love.I have made it final. My love is Jang Geun Suk <3. Forever and Always baby! I watched You're Beautiful after I bought it and it was freaking awesome. I recommend you buy it because you should support my beloved Jang Geun Suk. I like Jung Yong Hwa too :] he's a cutie. Anywho, I'm going to watch Baby and I eventually because I watched a few moments of the beginning and I really liked it. Or... was it... I liked him. His angelic baby face is addicting to look at so I'm going to buy that at the end of the summer :]

I'm stuck to listen to Drake. It's soo annoying. My sister is on this Drake rampage and it's so annoying when you have to listen to the same freaking songs over and over and over and over and over and over again. Geez. Ahhh~ Sooo annoying. I want something to snack on. Something yummy but I don't know what I want! What do I want? ehh, crap.

Today I am officially not a Freshman anymore! Whoo hooo! Yes, my freshman year is over and am I loving it or What!? lol. Anyway, I woke up late and got to do finals Late and uhrm... I guessed on all 150 questions on my finals for Science. When I found out we got to use our notes that I spent every hour of everyday doing I was soo pissed because I being the one that didn't bring her backpack (because theyy said not to) I freaking didn't bring the notes. So! That's crap. Therefore I winged it :]. I got a 94 in my computer class though. Out of 104 I think I did pretty good. I studied... well... actually I read over my notes but anywho, I did really good :].
Well, to congratulate myself on finishing Freshman year, I rewarded myself :] yes, yes I did indeed. I gave myself an hour and a half of BIG BANG-ness the Global Warning Tour! Yes! lol I recently bought three BIG BANG posters, one 2PM poster, one You're Beautiful poster, and The Global Warning Tour, The Electric Love Concert, Big Bang's Second Live Concert, G-Dragon's Shine A Light and You're Beautiful! :] I bought a lot and I have to say that those are the best investments I've made in a while. Lol. Any way, I'm going to go watch Baby and I :] and eventually BUY it!

Without Words,
j a n g  o l i v i a

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how many times?
DATE:Wednesday, June 9, 2010
TIME:{4:19 PM}

picture of the day

I'm so tired, hot and hungry. Finals are Monday - Wednesday of next week, I'm tired, I haven't gotten a chance to study and uhm... I need to. I think that some ice sounds good right now.I never really expressed how much I hate people and kids but you know! we're going to leave that for another day and story. I haven't had too much time to catch up on Cinderella's sister but it's over and I have caught up to ep 17. I'm so happy that I'm almost done! You just don't know.

If you're wondering why my picture of the day is Im Taebin instead of Taecyeon, well, I can just say, I have fallen out of love with Taecyeon because of the Yoona scandal on uhm... I don't know what that show is but I think that I really hate her. I don't like SNSD. I don't, I only like Yuri, Hyo Yeon, and Tiffany, oh and that girl that looks like Kim So Eun.Ehh, whatever, so I went back to my old hubby Taebin because he's my forever love! :] Forever and always! Do you like my picture? I do! I love it! I did it while listening to my favorite song ever!

Well anyway, I'm hungry and tired and YET it's ONLY Wednesday, I fuking hate school. People don't listen, understand, or know. One day I'm going to get my revenge. Oh yes, yes I will.

O L I V I A IM ;]

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I just wanna kiss~
DATE:Wednesday, June 2, 2010
TIME:{6:15 PM}

Picture of the day

Geez, I need a drink! Finals are coming up, next Friday I believe and then they trail into the following Monday - Wednesday. I'm not tired I can surprisingly say, I showered early today, usually I only take morning showers. I just wrote down 5 frekin formula's for Geometry, I have like 15 tasks I need to tend to, this is one of them so 15.Can't wait for the weekend to roll around, I'm going swimmin!

My sister and I are watching 'My Lovely Kim Sam Soon / My name is Kim Sam Soon' whatever you want to call it. I'm absolutely loving it!Hyun Bin is absolutely Hawwt and the female lead, she's pretty, I don't know what her actual name is, it's like Jung Sun Ah or something. Anywho, she's pretty hawt herself. Daniel's sexyness is in it too, another girl who I find gorgeous but annoying and well... uhrm...her sister! Oh Gosh, her sister, she's sooo pretty!

Now, onto another subject! I found the disk! I found it! yes I did! It was in the laptop like I thought. ;] long story about that but it shorten it, we still have it. Anyway, I put all desired songs on it although, I can't put my f'ing fanfics on my computer because well... Hell, I don't know where or how to get them on the computer from the phone! Yahoo answers isn't really helping me either. Oh well.

Ah, school is almost over and done with and I'm excited for that to happen, my brother and sister-in law and baby (niece) is comin back in July but I won't be home due to school (again) let me proceed into explaining that to you. School in July? Didn't you just say that you were gettin out in a week or something? Yeah, I know. I'm actually going to a summer school that's going to help me get scholarships and pay my way to college. It's not that bad because I get to have fun but there are the pro's and con's of course. I did this last year and I have to do this until my senior year. I guess it's a good way to spend my summer. Next year I'm not going. I'm gonna stay home and get a job ( At Borders ;] ) but since every year they give stuff to seniors I'm definitely going senior year :]

I really need to go download My name is Kim Sam Soon's OST. I think Alex sings a lot of the songs. I only really hear his voice. If you get a chance, you should watch it. Let me know folks if there are any good K-Drama's out there, old or new. Old as in still in the 2000 decades.

Oh yeah, I got my hair cut! Even though I hate SNSD, sorry snsd lovers/fans. I was supposed to get my hair cut like Tiffany's but I didn't because right before I got my hair cut I realized that I lost the picture I was carrying all day! yeah, all day. So I did my own thing. I love the out come :]

My hair looks like this now :]
<- I was supposed to get my hair like this

It used to look like this :]

Today in History, I learned how J.F.K was assassinated. Quite a sad and gruesome story. I thought I'd just share that. :] If you don't know who J.F.K. is, you can always google him John F. Kennedy or I can just tell you :] He was a former president that was killed in Texas...I think it was Texas. It's an interesting story.

O L I V I A ok. ;]

songs played
She Is - I think Alex sings this. (Kim Sam Soon OST)

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