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My name is 0L!V!A and I like bright colours.
I'm 15 and I'm a chillaxer. grr. The purpose of this site is to share my feelings, my life, my art, my memories, and everyday moments with you.
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Tell Me Goodbye
DATE:Wednesday, May 26, 2010
TIME:{6:51 PM}


Tired and HOT, Hot and TIRED, geez; it's such a hot night, I want an AC right in front of my face. It's 9:46 pm and I haven't ate yet, I just killed a bug, my computer needs to be rebooted, I'm reading my old stories and they suck, I was such a bad writer, now I'm an awesome writer and yet no one reads my story :[. Ah, lets not go there. No music playing. NEW SKIN! what do you think? I like it, it's old though. I found it on Blogskins.

I feel a nose bleed coming on.Lately I've been falling in love with Taecyeon. I mean it's always been like that but I think that he's just OH SO MY GAWD lol. It's soo hot! Hey did you guys know that Simon was leaving A.I.? I think it's sad, it's always fun to hear him criticize someone's voice lol. Ok that is mean but you know you laugh too. The next one to leave is Randy lol.

I'm tired. So I think I'm going to part from you loves! BYE!

Peace out,
OLIVIA OK lol ;] (Ok Taecyeon) get it?.

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Whoa, Whoa, Yeah, Yeah
DATE:Thursday, May 20, 2010
TIME:{2:47 PM}

Picture of the day

Whoa, Whoa, Yeah, Yeah, I love you more than I can say, I'll love you twice as much tomorrow-oh-whoa, I Love you more than I can say. Whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, I miss you every single day, why must my life be filled with sorrow, whoa, whoa, love you more than I can say... yes I do Daniel, yes I do indeed. I think I'm going to make FAN lyrics for that song but to Daniel's version from my father. I love him! He's he most handsome guy I've seen in a while. Gosh, I'm so smitten by him. Sadly I didn't find the disk but Daniel brightens my day.

I'm leaving for Wisconsin tonight and I'll be back on Sunday, I didn't swim for school today.

I'm folding laundry....x
Ok I'm done and back! I just figured out that my volume adjuster on my keyboard only works when it wants to. How lazy xD So, what was I saying before I left? Oh yes, I didn't swim today, I sat out so that my suit would be semi-dry so I could bring it home and wash it and leave it here while I'm away. Oh tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye~ Lol you don't have to but you can xD this song is by Big Bang. They're the oldest group I've been listening to, I love BIG BANG more than any other group. They will always and forever be my favorite group. I want to get a 2PM poster, anyone know where (ONLINE) I can get one for cheap? not YESASIA, they are so not cheap. I have post-it notes all over the filing cabinet next to me. They're little reminders.

My stories are coming alone GREAT! I've gone back to writing the story that I was supposed to write a long time ago for Wendy. It's called 'When words fail, Music speaks' but I think I'm going to change that title because it doesn't fit with the story. Wendy's a music freak but in the story she is supposed to hate it.
Anyway; I'm so excited for later! I'm definitely sleeping away the night ;]

My to-do notes say that I have to download some songs and that I'm on PG 27. The specific notes say
Note #1: PG 27
Note #2: 2NE1 ripped songs http://yg21sec
Note #3: DL Taeyang -Wedding Dress ----x
LOL yes, I am noting everything and I have to remember to password protect my computer before I leave (Daniel Henney) lol hahaha. Anyway I have to be on my way now. Plus I need to UP my music library, my few songs are lonely.

I love you with my heart,

Songs Played:
* More than I can say - Daniel Henney
* Open Happiness - 2PM
* Tell Me Goodbye - Big Bang
* Follow Your Soul - 2PM
 * Diana - Daniel Henney
*Cabi Song - 2PM ft. SNSD

DATE:Wednesday, May 19, 2010
TIME:{5:19 PM}

FMLx10 this is crap! I can't find the CD for the palm centro. I need it for the ptunes on the phone. I am utterly PISSED OFF! I can't find it and I don't remember where I put it. If it's in my room or still in the Laptop which was given away (you stupid fuking bitch) I swear I feel like going back in time just so I can break her face. I'm so so mad right now, I can't find it! I can not find that cd and i really need it. I would watch Daniel Henney to "cheer" me up but it only pisses me off more because the songs I am going to put on the freaking phone are sung by Daniel Henney. I'm so mad! OH MY GAWWDDD save me already.. LEAVE ALREADY AND GO! "sigh" I feel like blowing up the world and then making everyone clean it up and then blowing it up again. I'm so fuking irritated and pissed off.

I'm so gonna shun everyone for the rest of the night. I'm so annoyed. GAWD. How am I gonna calm down? FIND THE DAMN CD, I mean how the fuck do you give something away and not check in it to see if you have anything in it. I'm fucking pissed of! FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK!

Part Of Your World....
DATE:Monday, May 17, 2010
TIME:{11:08 AM}

I'm at school and it's 2:03...I leave at 2:10 so I don't know how myuch I'm gonig to post up. Anywho, my obsession with Daniel Henney has only grown. I've been watching Seducing Mr.Perfect or in my words Secducing Sir. Daniel and My Father over and over, it's a good movie. Now it's time to watch Spring Waltz xD lol anyway, Daniel Henney, you are oh so so so so so sooooooooo cute! xD

Anyway, it's been a good week, my sister totally pulled a bitch move. The computer isn't right...tell you guys about it another time so I'll try to do what I can when I can. So...uhrm...Friday I'm leaving to Grandma's in Wisconsin, it's going to be a "8" usually 10 hour ride so wish me luck. SLEEP HERE I COME xD hahaha. Ok, my nose is burning, I don't know why but I'm ready to leave. Bought  Chinese last Saturday, it was sure ymmy! OK Gotta go now, it's 2:07!


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Hungry...for Daniel Henney-shi! bwhahaha
DATE:Thursday, May 13, 2010
TIME:{5:19 PM}

Ok maybe not for Daniel Henney but I am Hungry...I've been having a weird eating system thing this week. One day I'll eat and then the next day I'll just not eat...But I'm actually STARVING now...not that I'm starving myself just that I have so much to do I can't get off the computer! I recommend not eating cake when you're hungry. Trust me, I feel my gag-ness starting to arise. I'm soo hungry!

Well I guess by now everyone should know I can't swim but! I've been learning~ and I'm getting better, like I know how to kick now, I just need to learn to float and then how to float on my back xD hahaha. But being the germaphobe that I am I absolutely hate it when I accidentally swallow pool water, all day today I wanted to brush my frekin teeth. The pool was so cold I thought I was going to freeze to death, ok, not like yesterday, boy was the pool cold.

Moving on to other things; Tomorrow is Brenda's birthday but I think I'm going to ask her to reschedule the plans. I don't have a ride and I have to go all the way to Waterford. But I have to say TGIF because I thought today was Wednesday, that just goes to show how much I suffer from sleep and how much I suffer from school. Ah! Speaking of school, I got my report card today, BWHHAHAHA *evil laugh* I got all A's (and a B - damn you geometry) anyway, I'm doing A LOT better hahaha man I blame the science teacher for giving me a D last semester. Well...finals are getting closer...well not close enough but you know. I think I should start studying now but it's hard since I hardly study anyway. Science is a dumb subject, I hate my Geometry teacher with my life, and well...my Eng. L.A. teacher is freaking annoying. The only good classes are Gym, History, and Computers (I can't remember what the actual name of the course is) but still.

Coming from a girl I actually LOVE GYM. It's really fun when you aren't running your legs off. Plus my gym teacher said that if we get A's or B's from here on out we won't have to run the 10 minutes lap test. You bet your bottom dollar I am gonna get A's this M.P.! Mr. Rogers is a cool gym teacher, he's not pushy and he's really encouraging.

Anyway, I have a poster I have to do but I'll just you really quick, So I'm really really really IN LOVE with Daniel Henney and as you know I'm from Michigan well it just happens to be so ironic that so is HE! LOL I've known about Daniel for like EVER and now I'm starting to fall in love with him xD

Look at that sexy thang! LOL but seriously on the "for-reals" note, he's really really REEEAAALLLLYYY good looking. I mean I won't go as far as "DANIEL HAVE MY BABIES" (I find that gross when fan girls do that) but he's freakin hot. lol. Anyway, EP. 13 & 14 of Cinderella's Sister has been posted today, I watched EP 13 so EP 14 will have to wait for me ;] and until next time!

Oh! before I go I have to say that the birthday party Sunday went well, I've learned that I really truly hate kids over the age of 3 and some of the kids that are 3, well, let's just say that when they grow up, I'm going to embarrass them so much gosh they're going to hate me just as much as I hate them. I taught my nephew how to go down the "firefighter pole" thing at the park and he completely stepped all over me, for the first half of the day I was running a day care. The only one I liked was this little girl, her name was Alyna, I hope that's how you spell her name. She was so sweet, she listened and she was quiet. The quiet ones are the best, unlike those who constantly CRY! And then my niece Riley was over, she's so cute, she sat down on the chair and she looked upset so I asked her what was wrong and she replied "Well...Rosie just made me mad and I didn't like that" I thought it was the cutest thing EVER! hahaha lol but ok I have to go, I'm hungry and I have to do a poster xD


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It has to be you
DATE:Tuesday, May 4, 2010
TIME:{3:18 PM}

Long time no see my dear! what's new? I started swimming in gym. It's so fun but I have to stop for a week. Well, with me saying 'WEEK' you should already know. It's so fun but I can't swim so I don't get to enjoy the full experience, I find that it's kinda sad at the same time. Anyway, have you seen the new skin!? Thanks to Dorkistic Designs I finally get a new one! I think it looks awesome and Taylor is lookin hot. If you didn't notice, my side icon >
isn't Taylor Lautner, in fact, it's Chung Jung Myung :] he has the cutest smile!! I am in complete LOVE! I really like the drama he's in.

Cinderella's sister is freakin awesome! I l-l-loveee it! Omg! is that OK TAECYEON you see? Why yes it is! Yeah he's in it and oh my, my, my! He's an awesome actor especially for his first drama! The other stars are Moon and Seo Woo. Seo Woo looks like she's had some plastic surgery done right? I think she did but she's really pretty; her character gets kind of annoying since she's always crying but it's tolerable you know. The drama is set from the sister's POV. I think I'm going to look into watching Personal Taste, Lee Min Ho is in it and he's been a cutie since his Boy Over Flowers' days and I think I should check it out. Kim Bum is still the biggest cutie pie to me.

My dad turns 50 tomorrow; let's all wish him a very happy 50th birthday. We're going to BBQ on Sunday for his birthday and his friends are going to come over. Tomorrow is also baby Jazzy's birthday too. My niece (Brother's daughter) is turning 1 year old. She is 1 whole year old! I'm so sad I don't get to see her on her first birthday since they're in Arkansas but it's ok, I just can't wait til they finally come back! I'm so excited! only 27 and 1/2 more days of school! Can you believe that! 27 and 1/2!! I can't get enough of the fact that we're almost done! I'm sleeping in this summer and totally staying up til dawn!!

Brenda's birthday is also coming up! I should have put this up there ^ with the rest. Anyway, I think we're going bowling. It's going to be fun...I hope lol...anyway...what else...I'm home alone and I'm very tired and I can't go to sleep because it's already 5:47 pm and if I go to sleep now I'll be tired tomorrow morning.

I think I should have brought my swimsuit home...I did laundry today and since I can't start swimming again til Tuesday, I should have brought it home to wash. Oh well, I guess I'll just get it Friday and wash it when I'm babysitting. Random thought...one day I want to buy a bunch of balloons, go to an open field and close my eyes and say something special to my grandpa and then let them go for him. I think it's a unique idea.

If you're wondering why I haven't written much but there are so many songs on my list it's because I've been on Wendy's Tumblr and I've been on Kpopmarcos and happy monster 's tumblrs. My favorite MACRO right now is this one, it's so so cute!
If you don't know, Tae/Young Bae is the shortest of the group. I think it's epic cute, I don't own this okk!
Oh! before I go, I should tell you, I'm writing a new fanfic called THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER on soompi!

All credits of the poster go to me, uhm, please stop by and read :] I would really appreciate it. LINK

Well I guess this is it for now my lovelies! HEY GET YOUR FRIENDS TO READ OK ;]

Saranghae ;],

Song list:
-Xin Fu De Shun Jian - Ambrose Hsu
-Nothing on you - B.O.B ft Bruno Mars
-You Complete Me - Keyshia Cole
-Shake it Off - Mariah Carey
-Fallin Out - Keyshia Cole
-Beautiful Girls - Jojo
-Astrology - Lee Hom Wang
-Replay - Aj rafael, JR Aquino and Andrew Garcia
-Superhuman - Chris Brown and Keri Hilson
-So Sick - Neyo

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